Welcome to the new VOIP (Voice over IP) Section at AskMisterWizard.com!

Here you will find brief, highly focused video clips and associated text articles illustrating the principles and applications used for telephony and other types of live voice communication over the Internet.

Telephones are not what they used to be, and the Internet is revolutionizing the business of voice communication. The customary fees associated with long-distance telephone calls can now be easily bypassed, and the buzzword for all of this is "VOIP". If you already have a high-speed Internet connection, you can almost certainly save 60 to 80% of the money you've been sending to the telephone company!

Here at AskMisterWizard.com, we've completely disconnected our traditional telephone service, and we use cell phones only on an emergency, "pay-as-you-go" basis with no long-term contracts or commitments. For everything else, we use google "Hangouts", "Mumble", "Skype", "MagicJack", and other VOIP services.


Mumble menusMumble

The open-source community has published several VOIP solutions that anybody can use free of charge. "Mumble" is one of the best (and we use it extensively here at AskMisterWizard.com, especially for online use with our free "Linux Air Combat" flight simulator). CLICK HERE for our Mumble YouTube playlist.


Girl wearing headsetAnother very popular VOIP solution is known as "TeamSpeak2", the grand-daddy of simple, low-overhead, live Internet voice products. Version 2 is old now, but it still works well. It's free for private use, and it's very popular with Internet gamers. CLICK HERE  for our YouTube Playlist showing how we downloaded, configured, and used TeamSpeak2.




Magic Jack hardware

As of this writing in July of 2010, a clever little hardware/software product known as "MagicJack" is becoming very popular in homes and small businesses across the USA and Canada. The hardware interfaces old-fashioned analog telephones to the Internet thru a USB connection, and the service costs far less than conventional telephone service. CLICK HERE for our YouTube Playlist showing how we installed, configured, and used MagicJack.


Hey Tell menusIn August of 2011 we discovered a neat new app for Android and iPad called "HeyTell" that's part voicemail, part Walkie, Internet-enabled, free of charge, and 100% fun. CLICK HERE for more.




Skype Video for Android

VOIP services are now dominated by "Skype", the best-known, best-financed Internet phone service. In late 2011, Microsoft Corporation purchased Skype, adding further clout to this "behemoth" of Internet communication. Skype has been offering video chat facilities for several years, but it wasn't until late 2011 that their Android video chat products matured enough to be taken seriously. Our experience now indicates that Skype Video for Android is almost ready for prime time! CLICK HERE for more.