Jane's Fighters Anthology Review and YouTube Playlists by AskMisterWizard

Jane's Fighters Anthology Box

A company named "Jane's Combat Simulations" (affiliated with the well-known publisher of print books by a similar name) worked in cooperation with Electronic Arts way back in 1998 to produce "Jane's Fighters Anthology", a comprehensive package of several prior flight simulators from the people at Janes.

This was a great offering for fans of combat jet aircraft: more than 100 of the best-known jet fighters were simulated, representing the great air forces of the world over a period exceeding 40 years. Back in 1998, this simulator demanded a powerful and expensive computer in order to exploit all of its features. By the time of this writing in 2009, almost any Windows-based computer has plenty of power for this, but it requires special installation tweaking in order to get it running on Windows XP or Windows Vista, so it isn't popular anymore. It runs fairly well under Linux with the help of the "Wine" or "Cedega" Windows emulators.

CLICK HERE (for YouTube Playlist entitled "Jane's Fighters Anthology REVIVED: How we did it!" (YouTube Playlist will open in a new tab or window)

Here's a movie showing what it's like to fly this classic sim: