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"Air Warrior", from Kesmai Corporation, was the grand-daddy of all online flight simulators, and it was very popular a few years back. Many of the innovations, technologies, and conventions in common use today were invented or perfected by the authors of Air Warrior. Because computer graphics weren't as sophisticated in those days, the emphasis was on high performance, high frame rates, and accurate flight models without demanding sophisticated or expensive controls. We have collected a few digital movies from that "classic" era:

Combat Flights


Sadly, it has become increasingly difficult to find and download the free versions of Air Warrior 3d on the Internet. Nevertheless, we recently found a link with a very comprehensive "zip" archive containing the main installer from back in June of 2001. It also contained all of the original, popular enhancements, and a great collection of gun-camera films and offline missions.

One of the great things about Air Warrior was that  you could "fly" inside the gun-camera films. While viewing a film, just press <F8> and a new plane will be instantly spawned within the film, with YOU at the controls. All of the other planes will continue to fly exactly as they did in the film, but you can fly the extra plane anywhere you want within that film's environment, and you can shoot at, hit, damage, and even destroy the filmed planes!

Here's a version of Air Warrior that we were able to find in 2019:

And another:

This software runs great in Windows 98 and Windows ME (Millennium Edition). I've struggled to get it working nicely under Windows XP. I think it should be possible, but I haven't yet found all of the right tweaks. 

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