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"Aces High" from, is one of the most popular and highly regarded combat flight simulators available as of this writing in January of 2011. Every day, thousands of dedicated flight simulation enthusiasts take to the virtual skies in this amazing, highly advanced simulator. The software is available free of charge, and it's compatible with almost any computer that has been built since about 2003 that can run Microsoft's "Windows XP",  "Windows Vista", or "Windows 7" operating systems. 

Most users subscribe, for a modest, monthly fee, to the gigantic, fully supported "online arenas", in which hundreds of combatents can compete. Free offline practice is also available, and older versions (still available from many web sites) support free arenas, limited to 8 players at a time on a LAN. A great many people have made digital movies of their activities with this simulator. Those that are listed below are among the best and most educational:

Movies Showing How to Install and Configure Aces High

Training Movies (YouTube Playlist)

Aces High Movies in High Definition (YouTube Playlist)

Aces High LAN Favorites (YouTube Playlist)

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Terrain Maps
Offline Missions

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