Networking and Internetworking

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Working with industry experts and drawing on decades of hands-on experience, we have produced several libraries of YouTube video clips illustrating the history, workings, and management of LANs, WANS, WiFi, and the worldwide Internet. For a great learning experience: sit back and relax in front of your TV, phone, tablet, or computer, and click on the following links to access related YouTube Playlists: (Each will open in a new tab or window.)

Ethernet: The essential and "classic" LAN technology. If you don't understand Ethernet, you really CAN'T understand LANs or the Internet. The brief, classic video clips in this playlist will make YOU the local "expert" on Ethernet!

NAT Routers: How your Router works, how to manage, configure, and update it for best security and maximum productivity. These classic videos will help you understand the time-tested principles beneath the menus and options offered by even today's newest routers.

Internetworking with IPV4: How individual LANs became the worldwide Internet, and How the Internet Works!

Wireless Networking: Introduction: A historic introduction to the equipment, jargon, configuration, and management of a home or small business WiFi network. Narrated for beginners.

WiFi the Easy Way: The time-tested, foundational, vendor-independent principles for setting up your own WiFi LAN

WiFi and LAN Architectures: A "Classic" look at the popular equipment used to create, manage, and enhance WifI and Ethernet LANs in homes and small businesses. These clips can de-mystify the bewildering vocabulary and claims promulgated by vendors and self-proclaimed "experts".

Wireless Ethernet Bridges: As your home office or small business network grows, you will want to "bridge" separate clusters of networked equipment, each on separate LAN segments in separate rooms, into your larger infrastructure in order to share your router, printers, file servers, etc.

SMB or "Samba" Network File Sharing: Implement "Network Attached Storage" the EASY Way!

Ping and TraceRoute: The classic bedrock of network troubleshooting

Wireshark: The "Super-Spyware" that criminals hope you'll NEVER discover!