Welcome to the new LINUX section at AskMisterWizard.com!

Penguin"LINUX", the free, well-known version of the venerable "UNIX" operating system, has become very popular as the primary alternative to Microsoft's "Windows". LINUX computers are everywhere; it forms the heart of most routers, and it is even found at the hidden core of many modern television sets. We like it a lot, and we use it, in preference to Windows, on most of our desktop and laptop personal computers. We've even learned how to run most of the popular software packages that were originally designed for Microsoft Windows systems on our LINUX computers!

All of these LINUX resources are our own original video productions. They are carefully arranged into descriptively named YouTube playlists, each of which will open in a new page or tab. Sit back and watch on your TV, phone, tablet, or computer. By watching the associated videos in the suggested order, you can quickly become expert in the referenced subject. Click on any of the following links: